Ketamine works by temporarily taking over certain chemical receptors in the brain, acting on the brain’s chemical system, altering neurotransmitter processes. In a basic sense, ketamine treats pain resulting from nerve conditions while also preventing damage to nerve fibers and nerve tissues. With an expert medical application, at low doses, ketamine can help relieve depression and chronic pain.

Benefits of Ketamine

Ketamine helps other sedatives work more effectively and it also reduces the need for addictive painkillers such as morphine post-surgery or while caring for intense burns. By blocking proteins called NMDA receptors, ketamine will prompt the brain to increase its synaptic signaling protein production in the prefrontal cortex. This region is thought to regulate complex emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning in the brain.

This “miracle drug” appears to be effective not only in promoting new synapses growth (which leads to greater connectivity in the brain) but also in switching certain connections on and off, which has a rapid antidepressive effect.

Contact Ketamine Treatment Resource today if you’ve received treatment for depression or pain that you feel hasn’t worked. There may be alternative, more effective options available for you.