Dealing with pain on a daily basis wears on a person’s mind in ways that only they can only ever know. It’s a battle that stays with you day and night, affecting sleep patterns and daily productivity. Sometimes chronic pain can be crippling, making a person not want to get out of bed, or take part in daily life.

Treatment of chronic pain is largely based on trial and error when it comes to antidepressants, which include anti-epileptics and opioids as primary drugs of choice. Treatment efficacy is limited (just 30% to 40% of patients show a considerable or acceptable amount of pain relief). The remaining percentage will either display no effects whatsoever or even react poorly to these treatments.

Pain Relief with Ketamine

Ketamine is becoming an increasingly popular option for relief of acute or chronic pain. Studies done outside the United States (in both India and Korea) have shown that low-dose ketamine can provide superior pain relief and far less sedation, as well as less nausea than morphine, particularly in patients who experience musculoskeletal trauma.

Interest continues to grow in ketamine’s pain relief potential. For pain relief, ketamine is used in small doses rather than the higher doses used for anesthesia. Ketamine is versatile and can be administered in various forms, routes, and vehicles. It can be given both orally and topically for pain relief. Vehicles for ketamine application include liquids, gels, creams, and lozenges.

Ketamine, when given as a single intravenous dose prior to skin incision, has been found to decrease pain. It can alleviate postoperative pain, and also reduce morphine consumption in patients. Ketamine is also effective for use in countering postoperative pain when patients have an increased tolerance to opioids, and also an increased sensitivity to pain (hyperalgesia), as well as pain caused by stimuli that are not usually considered painful (allodynia).

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